the exhibit, now a book

Sebbie, Scenes from the Museum

exhibit poster
the artist at the exhibit
oh, the posterity
exhibit continues this way
"Sky Pirate"
And... The Book
"Shy Sebbie"
"Courting Adventure"
"Sebbie and Oma's Tea Pot"
"Sebbie and the Tortoise"

On April 5th 2019, "Sebbie, an Exhibition of Puppetry Paintings," a solo exhibit of 20 pieces, opened at the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation in Waltham, Massachusetts.  The exhibit, initially slated to run through June, was extended by popular demand through the summer.  Each work hung with a short blurb, as one expects in exhibits, but given the narrative nature of the paintings, the blurbs were more story-like than the usual fare, and requests for an accompanying book soon followed.  And just like that, "Sebbie, Scenes from the Museum" was born.  The book can be purchased at (and the various online giants). Pics from the exhibit and sneak peeks from the book below!